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  • The latest evidence-based developmental information from early-childhood experts tailored to your baby’s age in your in-box every two weeks.
  • Access to Aimee’s Babies clinically-proven baby massage instructional videos.
  • Access to Aimee’s Babies first year milestones early childhood development videos.
  • Access to Love Notes Program of Music and Exercise for Young Children, including original children’s songs, lyrics and movements
  • Special Interest Sections including Cardiology Care, NICU stay, Preemies, Parenting Multiples, and adoption
  • Print-ables for activities for toddlers and preschoolers (Coming Soon)
  • Peace of mind

Our Digital Program Includes:

unnamed (2) 2 Support
Becoming a new parent is hard! It is a major life transition, but we are here to help! Each newsletter cares for you first with tips on wellness, self-care, mindfulness and practical information on finding help in the community. If you don’t care for your needs you can’t take care of your baby.
unnamed (3) STEM
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math start at birth simply because of baby’s natural sense of curiosity and wonder. If not encouraged, research shows this curiosity diminishes over time. Learn how to foster this skill for a lifetime of new learning.

shutterstock_242311531 2 Milestones
Developmental Milestones including motor skills, cognitive skills, language, communication, and sensory development are constantly occurring. Learn what to expect each week and how to help your baby reach each milestone.

unnamed (4) Emotional Health
Healthy bonding and attachment between baby and caregiver sets the foundation for baby’s mental health and emotional well-being. Learn tips on bonding and early emotional development to support your baby’s self-esteem and create a lifetime of wellness.

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