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Holy Cow!!!  I could not have found a better site!  Parenting is surely proving to be the hardest job I will ever do, and I have so many questions but so little time.  Stumbling upon Aimee’s Babies new offering of Stem Starts Now has been great.  It is short and sweet, to the point, and literally includes every possible detail to help me get my daughter off to a good start.  I did not realize how the very simple things from day one will make such a difference in her development and getting her off to a good start.  I also truly appreciate the tips on how to be kind to myself as a new mom and to know that I’m not screwing up!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for this wealth of information all in one place!!!  I cannot wait for the next newsletter in my inbox!

M. Murphy

This new offering from “Aimee’s Babies” is absolutely AMAZING!  I cannot believe the support and reassurance you can get from this new Stem Starts Now newsletter which is jam-packed with information.  Every time I clicked on another tab, I was more and more impressed about how helpful this is for parents.  As a pediatric nurse I come in contact with parents every single day looking for guidance, hoping they’re doing the right thing, hoping they’re not screwing up, and just generally looking for a little help.  Stem Starts Now literally covers every little detail from development, to feeding, to safety, and most impressively how to care for yourself as a parent.  I will DEFINITELY be recommending this to family, friends, and parents of my patients.  Don’t bother buying a library of parenting books, this site has everything you could possibly need and more.  The bonus is, it’s to the point!  No need to read chapters to get started.  If you do nothing else, subscribe to Stem Starts Now!  It may be the best gift you can give your child!

Melissa Mento, RN (NJ)

Such valuable resources for the families we work with!  The educational components, as well as the self-care topics that are embedded, provide the education and support our families need – so beneficial to have it all in one place!

Early Head Start Provider

As a new Mom and a professional, balance is always a challenge. Thank you for making it easier!  STEM Starts Now provides so much information in a supportive and easy to read format. I LOVE IT!

Kristie Halm, Physician, New Mom

STEM Starts Now does a wonderful job of connecting parents to their babies’ learning. There are practical and fun helpful ideas on how to teach babies Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. I particularly like that there are methods provided for mothers to improve their emotional health and rebalance their lives.
Because the newsletters are research-based, it allows parents the ability to connect to current and accurate guidelines and the newest research in infant/toddler development. STEM Starts Now blogs allow parents to explore challenging topics and offer many interventions to cope with some of the difficult and challenging aspects of parenting.

Marry Steffy, Manager of Women's and children's Health, Lancaster, PA

I learned some key points to share with new parents:

  • The connection between STEM and the early development of the acute sense of smell. I will now incorporate that into my lessons with parents on STEM and routines! (Loved the connection with the bath routine.)
  • The research behind that the father’s early interaction with baby as a higher predictor of language development and academic success- WOW!! This is the very message I was emphasizing with a teen father last night as he shared a book with his 17 month old son.

Beth Eberly, Director of Parents as Teachers, Lancaster, PA

Simply stated, STEM Starts Now provides practical information that is 100% relatable to what you are experiencing at every stage of parenting with a new baby. The information is backed by research and leading pediatric experts. It provides developmental benchmarks as to how your child should be developing and everyday tips that allow you to help them along the way.

Jerry Rush, Physical Therapist and daddy of seven-month-old

My wife and I have been using STEM Starts Now with our son since he was born. The program has been a great resource for activities and resources to engage our son.  I find the “Caring for the Caregiver” section extra helpful as a first-time parent. I strongly recommend STEM Starts Now!

Andrew and Meghan Groft, both Physical Therapists and parents of 17-month-old

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