Meet Our Expert Contributors

We have put together a panel of experts in early child development, education, health and caring for new parents and we are so proud of their contributions to STEM Starts Now and individual contributions to society. Collectively, they provide you with all the information to give your baby the best start possible!

Ashley Darcy Mahoney
Associate Professor
Natalie Brito
Assistant Professor
Melissa Baralt
Associate Professor
Lynn Journey
Physical Therapist
Pediatric Sleep Consultant
Tanya Myers
Physical Therapist
Laura Liss
Yoga Instructor
Lyn Kaiser
Pediatric Occupational Therapist
Kelly Kirk-Wentzel
Licensed Professional Counselor
Early Childhood Educator
Singer/songwriter, Teacher & Author
Lactation Consultant & Delivery Nurse
Pediatric Cardiologist
Professor, Researcher and Author
Occupational Therapist

Evidence Base

The STEM Starts Now E-newsletter is completely evidence-based, rooted in valid and rigorous research that has been proven to be effective and trusted by professionals. The content of the newsletters is updated daily with the most current information, research, and recommendations from cutting edge books, interviews, lectures, journals, universities, new standards, organizations and all of the following trusted sources: