Katie Sanzi

Katie is a certified pediatric sleep consultant and owner of Sleepyhead Consulting, LLC. She received her certification through Dana Obleman’s extensive training program, Sleep Sense, and has been helping families all over the world get the sleep they need and deserve ever since. The Sleep Sense program is 1 out of only 5 pediatric programs recognized by the Association of Professional Sleep Consultants. It is based on the latest pediatric sleep science so you can rest assured in knowing you are getting knowledge based on science rather than opinion. Katie currently lives in Lattimer Mines, PA with her husband and 2 year old son and continues to help families through individualized sleep plans that fit each family’s needs. To date, she has seen a 100% success rate with the families that she has worked with thanks to the support and attention she gives each and every family. To learn more about Sleepyhead Consulting, LLC, check out her website at www.sleepyheadconsulting.com. While you’re there be sure to schedule your free 15 minute discovery call and learn how you can get your little one on the path to healthy sleep as well! For additional sleep tips and facts, you can follow Katie on Facebook at www.facebook.com/katiesanzisleepyheadconsulting.