8 Original children’s songs- immediate download – Lyrics included

Reach a Peach (Gross and fine motor skills)

Animals Love to Play (Gross motor, sensory and balance skills)

Body Talk (Motor planning, sensory and balance skills)

Caterpillar Slumber (Sensory processing and self-regulation)

Colors of the Rainbow (Sensory, motor-planning and body awareness)

Roller Coaster (Following directions, vestibular, and gross motor skills)

Mouth Music (Oral motor and speech development)

Shoo-Fly (Fine Motor and sequencing skills)



Music and movement go together like peanut butter and jelly and are an integral part of building those early child development milestones. Love Notes Music and Movement Program, created by Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Aimee Ketchum uses 8 interactive children’s songs to encourage important skills such as sensory processing, fine motor development, gross motor development, coordination, balance, rhythm (which is an early math skill!), oral motor skills and cognitive skills such as sequencing, following directions, and executive functioning.

Along with the download of 10 original songs, users will also get the rationale behind each song, recommended movements, how to use the songs in a group setting, how to adapt each song for children with special needs or children using wheel chairs, and lyrics to the songs to help everyone sing along!