It is very difficult to describe what a reflex looks like and to explain what symmetry should look like with each reflex.  It is also important that parents and care-givers understand when reflexes should integrate to make way for purposeful movement.

Videos demonstrate the following reflexes:

Sucking Reflex

Rooting Reflex

Moro Reflex

Babinski Reflex

Asymmetrical Tonic Neck Reflex (ATNR)

Palmar Grasp Reflex

Stepping Reflex

These are great videos to demonstrate newborn reflexes to parents, care-givers or therapists. This makes a great visual for tele-health or tele-therapy.

Additional information

You'll Learn:

– the importance of newborn reflexes and when they should be present and when they should go away.
– how to properly swaddle your baby for comfort and security.
– how to help your newborn learn how to suck a bottle or pacifier.
– the critical periods for visual development.
– what visual delays to look out for.
– early grasp patterns for fine motor skills.
– how to strengthen babies core for crawling and sitting.
– exercises to help your baby be a better reader later on.
– techniques to teaching your baby to walk.
– dos and don'ts for early walkers.
– how to teach your baby better balance and coordination.