Aimee’s Babies is much more than just a baby massage DVD! Aimee not only gives complete, easy-to-follow instructions on Baby’s First Massage®, but also explains the reason for each stroke and the positive effects it has on your baby’s growth and development. Her interactive program is SENSORY BASED to stimulate ALL of your baby’s senses, not just touch.

The additional footage in this DVD takes you into baby’s homes and demonstrates simple and effective exercises and techniques to stimulate their sense of vision, hearing, movement and balance.

Aimee Ketchum’s extensive knowledge of your baby’s brain development becomes apparent as she explains dozens of easy exercises and simple techniques to stimulate baby’s sense of touch, vision, hearing, balance, movement, and position in space.

In only a few minutes per day, you can aid your baby’s development and stimulate your baby’s senses while having fun! Aimee’s tips and techniques can be used any time, any place, including bath time, mealtime, playtime, bonding time, travel time, and even while standing in line at the supermarket.

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You'll Learn:

– the importance of newborn reflexes and when they should be present and when they should go away.
– how to properly swaddle your baby for comfort and security.
– how to help your newborn learn how to suck a bottle or pacifier.
– the critical periods for visual development.
– what visual delays to look out for.
– early grasp patterns for fine motor skills.
– how to strengthen babies core for crawling and sitting.
– exercises to help your baby be a better reader later on.
– techniques to teaching your baby to walk.
– dos and don'ts for early walkers.
– how to teach your baby better balance and coordination.