The makers of Aimee’s Babies Baby Massage DVD have done it again! This new DVD, First Year Milestones shows babies at all the developmental stages from newborn to taking that first step. Each chapter clearly demonstrates what typically developing babies are doing at that age, then provides helpful tips and exercises to help babies reach important developmental milestones.

Chapters include: Introduction, Newborn, Three-four months, and Six-nine months.

The inspiration behind this DVD was a young mom named Melanie who contacted us after viewing Aimee’s Babies Baby Massage DVD and told us that she had no idea her four-month-old baby was delayed until she watched how the four-month-old getting the massage moved and interacted. It was then that she realized that her baby was not moving and responding like a typically developing four-month-old. Melanie later found out that her baby had a form of muscular dystrophy, but her early detection and early intervention is giving her daughter the best start possible!

Aimee’s goal is to give all babies everywhere the best start possible! This DVD shows lots of babies at different developmental levels, demonstrating milestones and sensory exercises. It can serve as a guide to baby development for parents everywhere.

Each chapter of First Year Milestones provides a segment called “Baby Boot Camp” with exercises, tips and techniques to help babies reach important milestones and give them the best start possible.

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Weight 0.16375 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 1 × 10 in
You'll Learn:

– the importance of newborn reflexes and when they should be present and when they should go away.
– how to properly swaddle your baby for comfort and security.
– how to help your newborn learn how to suck a bottle or pacifier.
– the critical periods for visual development.
– what visual delays to look out for.
– early grasp patterns for fine motor skills.
– how to strengthen babies core for crawling and sitting.
– exercises to help your baby be a better reader later on.
– techniques to teaching your baby to walk.
– dos and don'ts for early walkers.
– how to teach your baby better balance and coordination.