Great for tele-health or tele-therapy! Videos range from six and a half minutes to twelve minutes. Just enough time for a busy parent to practice some yoga for relaxation, lower back health, mindfulness, and core strength.

This video bundle includes the following 4 yoga videos created specially for new parents:

Yoga for New Parents for Breathing and Meditation

Yoga for New Parents for Relaxation

Yoga for Back Health for New Parents

Core Strength Yoga for New Parents

These are great videos for all new parents who spend time holding a baby on a hip, bent over a new walker or just need to de-stress from a busy day.

Additional information

You'll Learn:

– the importance of newborn reflexes and when they should be present and when they should go away.
– how to properly swaddle your baby for comfort and security.
– how to help your newborn learn how to suck a bottle or pacifier.
– the critical periods for visual development.
– what visual delays to look out for.
– early grasp patterns for fine motor skills.
– how to strengthen babies core for crawling and sitting.
– exercises to help your baby be a better reader later on.
– techniques to teaching your baby to walk.
– dos and don'ts for early walkers.
– how to teach your baby better balance and coordination.