Great Solutions to Soothe a Fussy Baby

Probably the most commonly asked question of new parents is how do I soothe a fussy baby?

Let’s take a closer look at the problem. Why is the baby fussing in the first place. I have written articles on interpreting your baby’s cry, but it is important to ease out several contributing factors. First check all the basics; Is her diaper dry? Is she in pain? Is she uncomfortable? Is her temperature too hot or cold? Is she hungry? Really think about this last one. It can be hard to know if your baby is hungry. You may think she can’t possibly be hungry because she just ate, but if you are breast-feeding, maybe she didn’t get as much as she usually does, or maybe she is having a growth spurt and needs more calories.  Once you have ruled out all of these possibilities, we can explore a little deeper.

Here are some strategies to soothe a fussy baby:

  1. Baby massage- It can be uncomfortable when babies have gas or need to move their bowels. It is not necessarily painful, but it is a new sensation because babies don’t move their bowls in utero and anything you can do to help move things along quicker will be beneficial. Baby massage has several strokes to the abdominal area that specifically help to move the bowls. Baby massage also works to calm the baby, regulate sleep/wake cycles and help babies get deeper/more restful sleep.
  1. Swaddle- Babies are calmed by the neutral warmth and pressure of a good swaddle because it mimics the containment they felt in the womb.
  2. Rock the baby- Babies are calmed by gentle movement because it also mimics the womb and helps them to feel calm and more relaxed. Don’t be afraid to really swing baby from side to side. Some babies prefer bigger movements.
  3. Shush the baby- Bring the baby’s ear close to your face and make a shushing noise in her ear. It is actually very loud in utero. Baby hears the swishing of the amniotic fluid. Mom’s heartbeat and their own heart beat, so by recreating that swishing sound, you are creating a calm environment for your baby.
  4. White noise-For the same reason that babies are calmed by the shushing noise, babies like white noise and it is very calming for your babies. You can buy noise machines or use white noise apps on your smartphone.
  5. Sing to your baby- Your baby is calmed by the sound of your voice because it is familiar to him. Talking and singing to him is reassuring and calming.
  6. Rhythmic patting-Babies are calmed by repetition. By patting your baby rhythmically, you are helping them relax. Don’t be afraid to pat her hard enough that her whole body feels it. Anything that your baby feels on her whole body is more calming than just feeling a sensation on part of her body. Think about the calming effect of a warm bath verses a trickle of water.
  7. Music- Babies are calmed by lullabies and gentle music because it causes the baby to focus on the sound of the music instead of crying.
  8. Read a book- Babies are soothed by the sound of your voice, so by reading to them or telling them a story, you help them to calm down and focus on your voice.
  9. Take the baby for a ride in the car- For most babies, riding in a car is calming and helps babies relax and fall asleep.
  10. Sucking-Sucking on a pacifier, nipple, finger (parent or baby’s) actually stimulates the release of a calming hormone. Sucking is very relaxing for your baby and that’s why pacifiers are so popular!


Sometimes babies just need to fuss. It is their only way of communicating. Sometimes babies are overstimulated and just need that release. Try to relax and let your baby cry sometimes if they need to. Usually a combination of these strategies will work to calm a baby, but if nothing works and your baby’s cry is elevating in pitch and she becomes inconsolable, you may want to contact your healthcare provider.


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