Blog #2 Babies are Scientists

  Science is really just a way of thinking, observing, experimenting, and asking questions. Before babies are mobile, they are nothing if not little scientists, observing and taking in their world all day long. Babies are constantly watching and learning from what they see. Toddlers are intuitively questioning everything they see, attempting to make sense […]

Blog #1 Babies learn STEM?

I’ll bet you never thought of a newborn baby learning science, technology, engineering and math, but babies are little scientists from the moment they are born.  As a pediatric occupational therapist, I work in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with babies who are only two or three pounds. From the moment babies open their […]

STEM Activities for the 22- Month-Old

Nature Walk  STEM Concepts: Science (life science, earth science), Technology (simple tools), Math (patterns and classification) Materials: Appropriate attire for outside exploration (rain boots for puddle jumping not necessary but encouraged). Plastic bags, magnifying glasses, plastic trays. Expansion – plain paper, crayons and glue. What to do: Go on a nature walk anywhere that has trees, […]

How Rhythm Teaches Early Math Skills

Around 18 weeks of gestation, your baby is starting to be able to hear in utero. The complex structure of tubes that make up the inner ear are formed at this point and although the fetus does not yet have actual ears, the bones and tubes of the inner ear are connected by brain cells […]

STEM Activities for the 21-Month-Old

  Pom Poms! STEM Concepts: Science (physical science), Math (patterns, spatial relationships, number sense) Materials: Empty plastic wipes container and craft pom-poms of different shapes, sizes and colors. (You can add different material pom-poms for a bonus feature.) What to do: Have your child place a specific shape, color, or size of pom-pom into the container […]

Helping Your Toddler Explore

When you are out and about, think about asking “wh” questions as much as possible, such as “who do you see? What do you smell? What color is this? Why is the dog barking?” Engage all of your toddler’s senses. Ask him what he sees, hears, smells, feels and even tastes. Encourage him to look […]

STEM activities for the 20-Month-Old

Stack Them   STEM Concepts: Science (physical science) Math (number sense and operations, measurement), Engineering (engineering) Materials: A variety of plastic storage containers and their lids. What to do: Have your child use these containers to match the lids with the correct container and then stack them to build different towers. Language and Communication: Use […]

Language and Communication Spatial Terms

Words that illustrate directions, volume, size, space, and speed are great early STEM words because they are used in science, technology, engineering, and math subjects. These words are also important to know for general body awareness. For example, “raise your right hand, bend down, and touch your toes.” These words are also important for letter formation […]

Discovering Letters and Numbers in the World

Letters and numbers make up our world and are the fundamentals of every school subject. Begin introducing them to your child at a young age and they will have a head start when they go off to kindergarten.   Sing the ABCs with your child during car rides, bath time, before bed, etc. Songs have […]

STEM Activities for the 19-Month-Old

Shape Play STEM Concepts: Science (observing), Math (shapes, sorting), Technology (tools, use of objects) Materials: Square shaped objects from around the house (such as boxes, books, napkins, etc.), circle shaped objects such as a roll of tape, plates, lids to jars, etc), a large piece of paper with a line down the middle What to […]


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