Blog #5 Babies are Mathmeticians

Math is integral component of so many early skills. Anything that involves counting, sequencing, patterning, or exploring shapes, size, or volume is an early math skill. Without even knowing it, babies and toddlers use these skills constantly during play and exploration.

Babies begin to hear in utero before their ears even form. Around 18 weeks gestation, the inner ear begins to form and babies are able to process sounds. The fist sound they hear in utero is the sound of mummy’s heartbeat resonating through the amniotic fluid. This repetitive sound is rhythm and rhythm is early math. Rhythms are also a form of pattern, also early math. Every time a child finds a pattern, counts items, lines up items in a row, makes matches, puts items together into pairs or finds and identifies numbers, they are learning early math concepts.

Encourage this by looking for numbers and pointing them out. Count items and touch each item so your child learns that each number represents an item. Play matching games…match socks, colors, shoes, and similar pictures. Talk about likes and differences. Talk about rhythms and patterns.

The world offers countless opportunities for math. Take advantage of these opportunities whenever possible.

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