Could it be the Baby Blues?

By: Jennifer Walker, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Maternal Mental Health Specialist

I finally just had my baby. Why am I so weepy?

Mood swings and weepiness that moms experience in the first few weeks after having a baby is called “Baby Blues”. It might seem strange to be crying when you don’t necessarily feel sad, but it is actually a normal part of the adjustment period of becoming a mom. About 80 percent of moms experience this in the first few weeks after having a baby. Remember that there are big hormonal changes going on in your body right now. The hormonal and emotional parts of us are connected so often times we can feel the hormonal changes.

Some tips for managing the Baby Blues:

Remind yourself that mood swings and weepiness are normal and will only last the first few weeks. (If they go on longer than that, it is important to talk to your medical provider.)

Sleep and rest when you can.

Eat as nutritiously as you can and stay hydrated with water.

When people offer to help, let them do things.

If people don’t offer to help, ask them for help. Tell them what you need.

Try getting a change of scenery if you’ve been in the same spot for awhile. Change rooms, step outside and feel the air, sit outside or even take a short walk.

Take some deep breaths. Slow down. You’ve got time to figure things out.

Be very kind to yourself. Talk to yourself as you would a friend adjusting to a big change in her life.