Language and Communication- Letters and Numbers

Letters and numbers are all around us and such a great thing to teach to children who are getting ready for pre-school and kindergarten. It might seem like kindergarten is far away, but the concepts she learns now will form the foundation for learning during her school-age years!

Here are some suggestions for adding to your toddler’s vocabulary by teaching letters and numbers:

Make a gross motor activity into a learning activity by putting cut-outs of letters and numbers on the floor for your toddler to jump on. Write letters on a beach ball and throw it back and forth, saying the letters out loud to each other.

Hang large letters around the house and talk about the letters and the sounds they make with your toddler.

Count clothing items and body parts while getting dressed

Count items in a row or pictures in a book using your finger to touch each one as you count so your toddler understands that each number represents an item. Encourage him to use his finger as he counts too.

Count actual items and encourage your child to touch each one. Use your fingers to represent how many. Integrate counting into play, dressing, kitchen activities and bath time!