Object Permanence


Play is great fun, but structured play teaches your baby about the world and it is a great way for your baby to learn some early STEM skills.

Object Permanence Games:

  • Play peek a boo
  • Hide toys under blanket or scarves and help your baby find them
  • Play with toys that hide such as jack in the box or pop up toys
  • While playing these games, say “Where did it go?” and “There he is!”
  • Cover your eyes, then say “Where’s mommy/daddy?” Then uncover your eyes and say, “Here I am!”
  • Cover your baby’s eyes and say, “Where’s Henry?” Then uncover his eyes and say, “There you are.” He is also learning pronouns.
  • Step out of the room but continue taking to him so he hears your voice, then pop back in the room.
  • Talk to her while you are in the car. He is riding backwards, so he can’t see you, but by hearing your voice he knows you are still there.


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