Safe Sleep

The American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep initiative is critical to reduce the risk of sleep-related infant deaths but not all parents are heeding the advice!

A recent study found that:

  • One in five (22%) mothers reported not placing their baby on his or her back to sleep.
  • More than half of mothers (61%) reported bed sharing with their baby.
  • Two in five (39%) mothers reported using soft bedding in the baby’s sleep environment.
Here are the formal recommendations for safe infant sleep practices from the AAP:
  • Always place baby to sleep on his back.
  • Use a firm sleep surface, such as a safety-approved mattress and crib.
  • Keep soft objects and loose bedding out of the baby’s sleep area.
  • Share a room, not a bed.

Straightforward as the recommendations may seem, the CDC report proves they have the power to save lives.


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