Toddler Language Hacks

Trick your toddler into talking. Make him giggle. Be silly! Here are some tips to engage in conversations, make your toddler ask for what they need and keep your toddler engaged while making him belly laugh at the same time.

Put your toddler’s shoe on his hand or his pants on his head while dressing him. Ask him where it goes before you put it on correctly. Encourage him to use words to describe his body and directionality such as left and right.

To incorporate more interactions and language into your toddler’s day, mute the TV when you are watching sports and narrate for your toddler. Include him in the narrative. Use his name, make eye contact and ask him  what he thinks about it. This is a great way to add vocabulary to your toddler’s language, especially if you use spatial terms such as, “he is throwing the ball to the left,” or “he is running down the field.”