When to Talk to Your Toddler

Talking to you toddler all day long can be exhausting, but it is just so good for your toddler’s development! Here are some video clips of examples of how to talk to your toddler in different situations to encourage new learning.

When out for a walk:

Talk about what you see, ask “wh” questions such as “who do you see? What do you smell? What color is this? Why is the dog barking?”. Find colors, shapes, letters and numbers everywhere you can.

During transitions, explain to your toddler what will happen next. Try to get him to repeat key words after you.

When you read a text or e-mail on your phone, either read it out loud to your toddler or paraphrase it for him. It will likely not pertain to him, but you are introducing new vocabulary and engaging with him and that is what is really important!

During snack time, offer choices. This gives him some independence and encourages more language back and forth.

Include your child in household chores, such as doing laundry. Talk about the process, the colors you see, the textures, and what belongs to her.


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