Your Toddler, the Clown

“Clowning around” is actually an important part of development! Babies do not inherit a sense of humor, it is learned and we can help them learn this by making them laugh and laughing at them!

Now that your toddler is more interactive, they are noticing that when they do something silly, you laugh. Your toddler likes the attention, so they will probably do it again to see if you will laugh again. Try to be as playful as you can with your toddler, especially when he is trying to be a little comedian. Make your child belly laugh at least five times a day. Laughter releases endorphins and strengthens the bond between two people and this is a critical time of deepening that secure connection between parent and toddler.

Help build her social skills by creating funny interactions. Be silly. Put her shoes on her hands, make silly noises, have tickle parties and laugh at her when she makes attempts at being silly. Laughing at his comedic attempts builds his social confidence as well.

Besides, what’s better than that little belly laugh?


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